Aldo Is Back

Update: 28th September Thanks to Marisa for the heads up on this which seems to confirm things that were recently posted in the Rumours section. I believe that’s Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – he played Aldo on Lost.Source: LeahVautrot@Twitter Thanks to Erik for the following. Preston and Steve Morning Show WMMR…

Detective Rasmussen

As you may have noticed in the recent Set Photos one of the names on one of the trailers was that of a Detective Rasmussen. Looking back at some of the casting notices that I’m not allowed to post publicly in full I can confirm that Detective Rasmussen is an investigator who makes a visit…

Episode 6X04 – Latest Casting Spoilers

Hey All, As many of you already know, several of the LOST characters from the first 5 seasons of LOST are making a return to the show for Season 6. Today we get two new casting tidbits for the Locke centric Episode 6×04 The Substitute. The first was already confirmed a few weeks ago when…

Hurley’s Fortune Teller Back

Thanks to Annie for the heads up that Suzanne Krull is off to Hawaii to shoot “Lost”. For those that don’t remember Suzanne Krull played Bandar Ceme Online Lynn Karnoff who posed as a fortune-teller in the Tricia Tanaka Is Dead.

Season 6 – Small Casting Tidbit

Well I am not too shocked by this little tidbit, but it is still good to know. L. Scott Caldwell who plays Rose was spotted at LAX (traveling) by a fan (@NijnaNate23 on Twitter) and DocArzt is confirming she will appear in Season 6. Posted By: The ODI