Set Report

Here is another set report from one of my good friends and sources on the island called “Le Point d’Exclamation”. As you can tell his language is quite “colourful” but there are a few good bits in there.

hey mate long time but I have some cool Menang Ceme scoop for ya you wanker ha! the trouble and strife took the dustbin lids away for the a week to see the ol’ grannies and it gave me time to look for some lost filming info.
and fuck me I found a shed load of info! post this whole message but dont let those crazy bastards know my name RIGHT!

here is the lowdown. that aussie bird claire is stuffed up with pillows or some shit to make here look very preggers and she is in the taxi with kate. A taxi pulls up with them both in to the hospital.

Then a nurse who looked pretty hot from where I was stalking them rushes out with a wheelchair to take fat claire into the hospital, I think she’s about to drop.
The funny thing was the first take the clumbsy nurse tripped over and they had to do another take. silly cow lol

kate then grabs clairs handbag which she left in the cab and goes into the hospital after them. they would not let me into the place the sly bastards.

I hung around a bit to see if they did some more and kate comes out and sits on the front of the car. I was too far away at this point to see if this was filming or jsut her having a sit down.

I had a chat with one doctor/actor dude who was eating a sandwich for lunch outside and it seemed that they were filming the delivery in there so she has the baby. this is the 3rd time we’ve seen her drop the sprog lol. must be knackerign for her!

They were going to shoot more but i was dying for a piss and the security guards kept looking at me strangly!
no photos dark dude as my f$%$king iphone is bust up but i saw some small dude take some so he might send them unless the security guards took care of him

Source: Le Point d’Exclamation@DarkUFO