New Set Report And Pics Of Beach Camp Filming

This scene is most likely for Episode 6×04 The Substitute.

NOTE: There is a pic of what looks like Michael Emerson (Ben) or his stand-in on a cell phone and I am pretty sure that it is not a part of the scene unless he is calling Annie. 😉

Thanks to a lucky visiting LOST fan named Lostie4eva for sending in the report and pics!!

Here you go:

I was planning on going to just to check out the beach set and to my surprise they were filming! The scene they were filming was of Sun, Frank, and Ilana and Ben walking on the beach. But Ilana and Ben were carrying back Locke’s body on the stick wrap thing. (Don’t know how to describe it) The only pictures I got were of all of their stand-ins doing the scene and I was only there for an hour.

Also they built up the Losties weathered camp seen in the finale. I think its the same, but I didn’t watch the finale and check. They all were in the same clothes so I’m guessing this is a continuation of the nice long walk they took to the four-toed statue. They were probably walking over to it and were walking right in front of Eko’s church and next to that is the camp site.

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View Full Report and Couple of More Pics Here: The ODI