Episode 6X04 – Latest Casting Spoilers

Hey All,
As many of you already know, several of the LOST characters from the first 5 seasons of LOST are making a return to the show for Season 6.
Today we get two new casting tidbits for the Locke centric Episode 6×04 The Substitute. The first was already confirmed a few weeks ago when it was revealed that Katey Segal who played Helen was expected to return.

Well via Kurt Sutter her husband’s Twitter account we now know that she is already in Hawaii and will be there for a week of filming. Thanks to J. White for the heads up.

Also, thanks to TV Overmind for the confirmation that Billy Ray Gallion who plays Randy Nations (aka Locke’s boss at the box company) is also in Hawaii and has already filmed a scene with Terry O’ Quinn. Apparently the scene is after Flight 815 returns safely and Locke returns to work.

Posted By: The ODI