Update: 7th October As per another spoiler we now know that the child is Illna.I can now reveal the following. Jacob has a child and it’s one of the people in the poll. Who do you think it is and why. Vote an comment away.

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“LOST” took over a quiet residential street in Waikele this morning. And groggy as I was stopping by on my way to work, I had to do a double-take: the show had been there before. The very same street was used during Season 2 episode “Lockdown,” where Locke (Terry O’Quinn), working as a home inspector,…

Hurley’s Fortune Teller Back

Thanks to Annie for the heads up that Suzanne Krull is off to Hawaii to shoot “Lost”. For those that don’t remember Suzanne Krull played Bandar Ceme Online Lynn Karnoff who posed as a fortune-teller in the Tricia Tanaka Is Dead.

Episode 6X04 – New Set Pics Of Locke And Hurley (Updated)

UPDATE: Here is a little filming update and what took place in the scene. Thanks to Ryan, who was lucky enough to work only a block away from the filming! Locke, in his wheelchair, comes rolling out of the building with a box of papers and office supplies on his lap. When he reaches his…

Season 6 – Small Casting Tidbit

Well I am not too shocked by this little tidbit, but it is still good to know. L. Scott Caldwell who plays Rose was spotted at LAX (traveling) by a fan (@NijnaNate23 on Twitter) and DocArzt is confirming she will appear in Season 6. Posted By: The ODI

Hangman – The Revenge! – Revealed

Update: 19:00 My source has just replied with the following Y/N Answers 3) Is Illana being Jacobs child her importance to the island?YES 2- Does the double meaning in the tittle related to the alt time line, perhaps that Locke or Ben is now a teacherYES Update: 18:45 Here are Ethans 3 questions. 1-Is the…